*The Challenge Stories*

This page contains five stories -- they are a series,
but each one can stand alone. They are Challenge Stories.

All right, all right. Calm down. Let me explain. Over
in the X-Files fanfic world where I used to write regularly
(I've since defected and come over to the ER side), there
are things known as fanfic challenges. A fic writer lets
others know that they are willing to write a challenge
story, and several people provide "elements" that must be
included in the story. The fic writer can then write about
anything they want, with any plot and any characters, as
long as all of the elements appear somewhere in the story.

So my lovely editor and friend Shannon came up with an idea
since I was feeling a momentary writer's block: she would
provide the elements, and I would write the story.

One story turned into five. Hence this series was born.

All five stories are short vignettes that contain Kerry/Carter
UST (unresolved sexual tension). At the beginning of each
story is a list of the elements that Shannon provided me
with. Each story is the tale of a household task. There
are no spoilers in any of these stories, but you can assume
they take place sometime during mid to late season 5.
All stories are rated PG-13.

Challenge Story #1
**A Jar of Olives**

Challenge Story #2
**Antique Cream and Bisque**

Challenge Story #3
**Spin Cycle**

Challenge Story #4
**Japanese Mini Blinds**

Challenge Story #5
**Earthworms and Butterflies**

Follow-up Challenge Story
(this story follows the above 5 stories)
**Baggage Claim**

**Thanks for reading.**

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